Mobile is Responsive Web Design

All projects now include responsive web design when developing new or redesigning an existing web site. Responsive means the site will provide an optimal viewing experience that is not dependent on the device used. Navigation, images and content can be viewed with a minimum of resizing or scrolling across a wide range of devices such as tablets and phones.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

There is a consistent increase in mobile usage when compared to traditional desktop and laptop access to the internet. According to mobile marketing statistics the mobile devices overtook desktop back in 2014.
Mobile marketing offers advantages such as lower cost, customization, easy tracking and targeted analytics. This can reduce manual processes and presents the entrepreneur with more business options.

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Integrated Marketing

Your company identity runs deeper than just a logo and graphic design, it embodies the culture and values of your organization. Alairis can help you build your identity.

Custom Website Design

We will help you attract the attention of your target audience by creating a website with eye-catching graphics, custom written content, and rich multimedia.

Multimedia Production

From product demonstration videos and event filming, to Google Hangouts and webcasting, Alairis can help you engage your target audience.