Reliability & Performance

Virtual servers are ideally suited to companies requiring the flexibility of growing website and eMail traffic, as well as organizations looking for the ability to run complicated software or database applications that cannot fit cost effectively in the standard hardware model.

Our hosted servers provide a scalable alternative to maintaining physical servers, where resources are limited and support as well as soft-costs can get expensive.

Server resources can be allocated real-time to increase performance as your website or applications grow, which can be done inexpensively and with very little down time. In addition, Alairis can support a host of platforms including Windows, Unix and Linux.

Virtual servers from Alairis allow you to:

  • Install and customize any application without hosting limitations.
  • Develop or host applications written in any language.
  • Create virtual Development and Production environments to manage projects properly.
  • Scale resources virtually as needed; CPU, RAM, disk space, or even more virtual servers.
  • Rest easy, knowing our virtual servers include 24/7 monitoring and support.

Virtual server hosting from Alairis delivers reliability and performance, ideal for dev environments, hosted applications, eCommerce storefronts and robust websites.

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Web IT Solutions

At Alairis, we provide and specialize in the management of services such as Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365, in addition to end-user support & training.

Website & EMail Hosting

With 24/7 support, Alairis can provide your organization with premium web hosting and email services featuring both Unix and Windows platforms.

Security & Backup

Our website maintenance & security services include routine security and framework updates to keep you safe from malicious activities and hackers.