Database App Development

The truth is the "one size fits all" solution does not exists for most businesses. A customized database and easy to use application provides the organization of data and ease of use all while following and supporting your companies policies and work flow.
Browser based mobile friendly applications provide the ability to collect data, manage recoources and make business decisions from any device.

Custom Database Software

Custom means YOUR data managed YOUR way.
There is no better solution then a custom application built for your company with your business process. We will create an online database or offline intranet solutions (HR or training portals) that are easy to use and metrics ready.

  • Access DB: We will assist in importing your data from all versions of MS Access
  • Excel Spreadsheets: We will assist in importing your data from excel spreadsheets or CSV files
  • Migrate DB: We will migrate old DB sources to a new up to date database structure

Rapid Application Development

Using over 20 years of combined experience, we scrutinize requirements and provide technical advise to make sure your project is coded well, documented and functional.
Then we utilize rapid development techniques to accelerate the design and coding process to be ready for production in record time. Most small applications can reach the testing phase in only 4-6 weeks.

Database Examples & Project Portfolio

We can plan and develop your next project, Call 1-877-770-0350

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